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The “Clinical Trials Guru” Dan Sfera recently interviewed Elisa Cascade, our President of Data Solutions, about DrugDev’s mission to enable sponsors and CROs to share information so pharma can do more trials.

Elisa guides our efforts with two groundbreaking collaborations.

DrugDev built and hosted the trailblazing data sharing platform used by Investigator Databank – a groundbreaking global collaboration among Janssen, Lilly, Merck, Pfizer and Novartis to share investigator information.

Based on our success with the Investigator DataBank, TransCelerated invited DrugDev to build and host the revolutionary Investigator Registry which launched this month. Elisa and her team worked closely with TransCelerate to develop the Investigator Registry, which is an important step, along with TransCelerate’s Shared Investigator Platform, to streamlining clinical trial processes. It allows participating TransCelerate Member Companies to pool investigator data together into a centralized, cloud-based resource using a universal identifier called the DrugDev Golden Number.

Dan and Elisa talked about how the clinical trials industry is embracing collaboration, standardization and modern technology to handle the time and complexity it takes to integrate across a variety of data sources. The goal is to help sponsors and CROs make better decisions in every aspect of clinical operations so they can test many more drugs.
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Watch the video here.