Why DrugDev?

Trusted Innovation

DrugDev Spark™ is the industry’s first comprehensive unified solutions platform – comprised of innovative technology and expert services proven to add value on thousands of clinical trials. From planning through closeout, our solutions are rigorously tested and improved by sponsors, CROs and sites of all sizes, in more than 60 countries. Through this experience we have established and integrated best practices into every feature of our system. That’s why 9 of the top 10 pharmas, 4 of the top 5 CROs, and the biggest industry collaborations are among the many organizations that trust DrugDev technology.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it. There is no better validation of the value of DrugDev Spark than to hear directly from clients why they continue to choose our solutions to improve their clinical trials. Watch brief videos featuring Dawn Furey, Chris Conklin (Pfizer), Brenda Medina (BioMarin), Joanne Wilkinson (PHRI) and Ana Marquez (Clinical Site Partners).

Our Mission is to Help You Do More Trials

The world expects more from pharma. The reality is we have no shortage of promising treatment candidates, yet developing a drug today costs 10x more than it did 30 years ago – as potentially life-saving drugs remain on the shelf. We’re not interested in making clinical trials a little faster or a little better, because incremental improvements to the process are no longer acceptable. The world demands and deserves a truly disruptive revolution on an enterprise scale that flips the economics of clinical trials. We believe the only solution is to take advantage of unified and modern technology (as opposed to the disparate, clunky systems of the past) that bring study teams and sites together to do more trials and bring more drugs to patients who need them.

The Only Way to Achieve Change

Most of the world’s top sponsors and CROs are using DrugDev solutions to transform how they run clinical trials through collaboration, standardization and a beautiful technology experience:

Industry-Wide Collaboration

Let’s face it – much of what our industry considers proprietary isn’t all that unique, and the historic blocking of certain information (e.g. investigator records) is counter-intuitive to moving drug development forward. The existence of collaborations such as TransCelerate and the Investigator Databank proves that companies are more open than ever to sharing data and resources in order to advance a common cause. In this spirit, DrugDev technology brings sponsors, CROs, sites and vendors together onto a collaborative platform to share data, streamline communications and dramatically reduce timelines.


The DrugDev Golden Number is a groundbreaking data standard which assigns a universal identifier to global site facilities and staff. Our technology matches and masters data from numerous disparate sources (e.g. CTMS, internal records, CRO databases, collaborative resources, third-party lists) to generate reliable profiles that serve as a single source of the truth. Companies that use the Golden Number account for one-third of all clinical trials run in the world – and with over 500,000 investigators indexed, it can be integrated across clinical systems to track activity and understand site relationships better than ever before. The Golden Number is one example of a data standard that works, and we need more of them.

A Beautiful Technology Experience

Great technology features don’t do any good if nobody wants to use them. We can no longer ask sites to log into 25 different systems, each with a different interface, that make their jobs harder instead of easier. That’s why we focus so much on optimizing user experience. Our unified clinical operations suite is a milestone step forward for the industry, as study teams and sites are now able to manage essential operations and complete task lists not just for single trials, but across therapeutic areas and entire programs, from one convenient system that is simple to use.