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Improving Protocol Adherence Using Site Engagement Technology

Everything You’ve Heard about Electronic Patient Consent is (Probably) Wrong

How to Develop an Efficient and Compliant Start-Up Process

Going Global with eConsent: The Novartis Journey

Making Clinical Trial Sites Lives Easier

Cross-Functional Strategies for Successful Site Startup Planning

Why Isn’t Your CRO Using eConsent?

Fighting Type 1 Diabetes: George’s Story

Master Data Management Video

Site Selection Video

Site Activation Video

eConsent Video

Site Engagement Video

DrugDev Spark for Europe – Global Scale

Outsourcing Site Payments

Why Outsourcing Site Payments Makes Sense

Merck Cast Study Webinar

How Merck Improved Clinical Trial Patient Diversity Using a Dynamic Enrollment Tracker

Find Better Sites and Activate Them Faster

The Definitive eConsent Solution Comes to Europe

Why Biotech and Small Pharmas Should Outsource Site Payments

Overcoming the Challenges of Rare Disease Clinical Trials


Introducing DrugDev Spark: Technology to Transform Your Clinical Trials

DrugDev eConsent: Putting “Informed” Back Into Patient Consent

CentreWatch Article Discussing DrugDev’s Aquisition of SecureConsent

The Evolution of Payments with BioMarin

eConsent Solution Brochure

2016 DrugDev Global Site Technology Survey with Eli Lilly

The Data-Decision Debate: To Share or Not to Share?

Learning Management System Video

Patient Engagement Video

Global Site Payments Video

Optimize Clinical Trials with Learning Management Solution

Pediatric Clinical Trials: Is Collaboration Between Sites and Sponsors the Answer?

Alnylam’s ENDEAVOUR: Enrollment and CRO Success Story

DrugDev Payments Demo (Vimeo)

Safety Letter Distribution Webinar

Webinar: How to Automate and Track Safety Letter Distribution

What Does DrugDev Do?

Webinar: Conquering Global Site Payments Challenges

Top 5 Reasons You Should be Outsourcing Your Site Payments

Site Payment Systems And Processes for The 21st Century

DrugDev and Pfizer: How One (Golden) Number Can Transform Clinical Trials

Live Demo of New of SaaS Site Activation Technology

Site Payments Webinar

Webinar – Site Perspective: Why Payment Terms and A/R Processes Matter

Webinar – Lessons from Alex: Fighting Childhood Cancer through Clinical Research

8 Best Practices for Site Identification

Burden of Clinical Trial Operations and Value of Supporting Solutions: Results from 2013 Global Investigator Survey

4 Tips for Mitigating VAT Exposure

DrugDev Global Investigator Survey 2015 – Access and Attitude to Clinical Trial Technology: The Global Investigator Perspective – Article appeared in DIA Global Forum

DrugDev Spark Solutions Overview

Multiple Choice – How bespoke platforms and data sharing make protocol planning, feasibility and site selection easier and more efficient.

Findings From DrugDev’s Global Investigator Survey 2013

tour of study platform webinar

Webinar: AstraZeneca Discusses Site Selection and Engagement in Rescue Studies

Payments Solution Brochure

Master Data Management Solution Brochure

Site Engagement Solution Brochure

Webinar: Good Measure – Driving Site Performance with Metrics-Based Communication

Webinar: After the Ice Buckets – Where Does the ALS Money Go?

Fabian Sandoval Podcast

Melissa Easy Podcast

Dr. Simon Bourne Podcast

Webinar: Silent Partners? – How Virtual Clinical Trials Impact the Site

Site Selection & Feasibility Solution Brochure

Webinar: Dr. Sandoval – Why Doctors are Crucial to Increasing Minority Representation in Clinical Research

Driving ROI: The Case for Investing in Global Site Payment Services

Driving ROI: The Case for Investing in Contract & Site Regulatory Document Management Services

8 Tips for Site Selection

Clinical Trial Site Contracting: The Conservative, Progressive and Hybrid Models, By Peg Tierney

Quantifying, Recognizing and Optimizing Site Performance, by Beth Harper & Bryan Farrow

Why Investigators Hold the Cards To Clinical Trial Success by Claire Sears PhD

VAT and the Clinical Enterprise by April Mulroney

Sustaining the Investigator Pool: Understanding Operational Burden and Implementing Valuable Supportive Solutions, by Elisa Cascade, Claire Sears, PhD, Mark Nixon, PhD

One for All – Claire Sears & Graeme Benson explore how the collation of clinical trial management system data between companies can improve the industry.

CW Weekly’s occasional profile feature, Insider Insights. Staff Writer Ronald Rosenberg sits down with Ibs Mahmood, president and CEO of DrugDev.

enrollment leaderboard

Case Study: Infinity Improves Patient Enrollment Using DrugDev TrialNetworks

Evaluating the ROI and Best Practices of Outsourcing Site Payments

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