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How friendly and productive would your workplace would be if you consistently delayed employee paychecks by 100 days or more – with no late payment fees? And when you do get paid, the amounts are inconsistent and lack any explanation of what (or when) it is for. No reasonable business or employee would accept such terms.

Yet, it is common for investigative sites to wait four months or more to collect payment for clinical trials. Then the site often must perform additional administrative work to determine what the payment is for, reconcile the amounts, and deal with discrepancies. The result is financial stress and dissatisfaction for sites, potential study delays, and additional costs for the sponsor and the site. In the meantime, site staff has spent so much time and energy on tracking down payments and managing bills that they have had less resources available for recruiting patients and managing the trial.

Click here to read the full article on Clinical Leader. By Kevin Williams MBA, MS and Stewart Mackie, DrugDev.