January 31, 2017

The DrugDev Golden Number Wins Clinical Informatics News 2017 Best Practices Award at SCOPE Summit for Improving Trial Startup and Data Management

Over one-third of all global, interventional clinical trials sponsored by industry are indexed to the DrugDev Golden Number, the industry-standard identifier for clinical site facilities and staff

DrugDev continues to earn accolades for delivering technology that transforms how sponsors and CROs run clinical trials. At the SCOPE Summit for Clinical Operations Executives in Miami, DrugDev won a 2017 Best Practices Award for the DrugDev Golden Number – the industry-standard universal identifier for global site facilities and staff, which is currently used by the TransCelerate Investigator Registry, the Investigator Databank, and leading CROs on more than one-third of all industry- sponsored clinical trials. The DrugDev Golden Number is also the backbone of the shared data layer that powers DrugDev Spark™, the world’s first unified clinical operations suite comprised of proven planning, startup and trial conduct solutions.

Pharma companies and CROs have access to many data sources containing information about investigators, sites and protocols – but these data often are spread across multiple internal and external systems, each with their own set of identifiers. The lack of a single common identifier can lead to sub-optimal decisions for study planning, feasibility and site selection. It also can create significant business process inefficiencies in areas such as data integration and consolidated financial reporting. Finally, without a single common identifier for both historical and current data sources, companies would be unable to collaborate, missing out on the opportunity to streamline clinical operations processes while at the same time decreasing administrative burden for sites.

The DrugDev Golden Number and standard data model solve these problems. Individual pharma companies and collaborations such as the TransCelerate Investigator Registry and the Investigator Databank say the DrugDev Golden Number streamlines timelines and increases study performance because it reduces the number of non-performing sites, decreases the need for rescue sites, lowers IT time and cost spent on data mastering, and improves site engagement. (The DrugDev Golden Number’s ROI and model for data sharing were published in Applied Clinical Trials in August 2016: “The Data-Decision Debate: To Share or Not to Share?”)

Customers applaud the DrugDev Golden Number:

“Analyzing data can get messy, but with the detailed search capabilities of the DrugDev Data Query System we were able to search investigators by the country and the medical subject headings. We got a list of investigators who specialized in the area we needed, as well as performance for internal investigators and investigators who had opted in.” – Associate Director, Informatics at a top 10 pharma company

“DrugDev Golden Number will be updated into CTMS that is used [as] our source of ‘truth’ for all reporting of clinical trials and will allow for improved metric reporting at the facility and investigator level by linking separate profiles for the same person or location.  In the future, I see us using it for investigator and facility contracts, confidentiality agreements, and payment records and reporting to comply with Transparency Initiatives.” – Feasibility and Recruitment Director at a top 10 pharma company

Elisa Cascade, DrugDev President, Data Solutions, whose team developed the DrugDev Golden Number, said, “We’re very excited to receive this recognition from our peers in the pharma industry who join us in looking for new ways to use technology to foster a meaningful level of cross-industry collaboration that can speed clinical trial operations. The SCOPE Summit brings together many of the most innovative and passionate leaders in clinical operations, so to receive this recognition from our peers and from a publication such as Clinical Informatics News is an honor – and to have so many sponsors and CROs trusting us to create a single source of the truth for their study planning requirements is the ultimate validation of the value that the DrugDev Golden Number provides.”

To learn more about the DrugDev Golden Number, visit and learn why companies of all sizes trust DrugDev technology to transform their global clinical trials.

About DrugDev

DrugDev helps the world do more trials through industry-wide collaboration, standardization and a beautiful technology experience. The company provides DrugDev Spark™, the industry’s first unified clinical operations suite, which is comprised of proven solutions used by 85 sponsors and CROs on over 1,800 clinical trials over the past 12 years. Featuring solutions for planning, startup and trial conduct (including site selection and activation, site payments, learning management, document exchange, site engagement and eConsent), DrugDev helps companies transform the quality and efficiency of clinical trials from startup through closeout. DrugDev Spark reduces the number of systems needed to run a trial, and is powered by the universal identifier for global site facilities and staff known as the DrugDev Golden Number – the same data standard used by the TransCelerate Investigator Registry and the Investigator Databank. Learn why innovative companies of all sizes – including 9 of the top 10 sponsors and 4 of the top 5 CROs – trust DrugDev technology by scheduling a demo of DrugDev Spark at