January 24, 2017

DrugDev Spark™ Introduced as the First Comprehensive Unified Suite of Proven Solutions for Clinical Operations

Innovative platform brings together trusted solutions for planning, startup, payments and trial conduct already used by 85 sponsors and CROs on more than 1,800 clinical trials worldwide

King of Prussia, PA – For years, the pharmaceutical industry has demanded a unified technology solution that provides everything study teams and sites need to run an efficient clinical trial in one place. Today at the SCOPE Summit for Clinical Operations Executives, DrugDev unveiled DrugDev Spark™, the industry’s first comprehensive unified suite of proven technology solutions.

85 customers have implemented DrugDev technology to improve more than 1,800 global clinical trials for over a decade. DrugDev Spark changes the dynamic of the industry’s technology landscape by providing one centralized suite. Sponsors and CROs have the option to use a single module, the entire platform, or any combination they need to improve their trials in a way that works with their processes. DrugDev Spark solutions for planning, startup and trial conduct include…

  • Site Selection and Feasibility – Featuring DrugDev’s proprietary network of active investigators, DrugDev has matched over 30,000 sites with ideal trial opportunities for more than 12 years
  • Site Activation – Experience with over 16,000 executed CTA negotiations, budget development and regdoc collection ensures sites start enrolling patients as quickly as possible
  • Site Payments – With nearly $2 billion paid to sites in 60 countries worldwide, DrugDev is by far the most experienced global provider of accurate and timely payments that keep sites happy
  • eConsent – In December of 2016, DrugDev acquired SecureConsent, the definitive provider of electronic informed consent on mobile devices with more than 15,000 patients consented in 46 languages
  • LMS, Site Engagement, Document Exchange – DrugDev keeps customers’ trials top of mind for more than 37,000 global site staff with a collaborative platform for study communications, trainings, safety notifications, motivational leaderboards and reward badges that inspire results
  • Master Data Management – Leveraging the DrugDev Golden Number universal identifier for 65,000 site facilities and 475,000 staff, DrugDev enables sponsors and CROs to generate a single source of the truth from many disparate databases, matched to the same data standard used by TransCelerate and the Investigator Databank on more than one-third of all active clinical trials

““DrugDev Spark ties together the proven solutions our customers already know and love to create something new – the end-to-end clinical operations suite our industry has been demanding for years,” said Brett Kleger, Chief Commercial Officer at DrugDev. “Unfortunately, clinical research leaders are too familiar with vendors promising some future system that will revolutionize their clinical operations process, only to experience massive delays, a clunky user interface, or even more promises later. Then when it finally is ready, they realize it still doesn’t solve their challenges and as a result they start waiting all over again. That’s what makes DrugDev Spark so unique – the suite is new, yet the solutions are proven. So it’s time for sponsors and CROs to stop waiting for the ‘next big thing’ because it’s already here – and it has been for years.”

DrugDev Spark reduces the number of systems sites and study teams need to run the study, and operates on a shared data standard featuring the DrugDev Golden Number. This means customers can move seamlessly from one accomplishment to the next – for example, from site selection into activation, from activation into payments, and from payments to LMS, site engagement and eConsent – all in one system.

Available as pure self-service SaaS, full business process outsourcing, or a hybrid of the two, DrugDev’s flexible delivery model ensures customers integrate solutions in ways that make sense for their business. This enables sponsors and CROs to transform the quality and efficiency of clinical operations from planning through to closeout.

“Did you know that it costs 10 times more today to test a drug than it did 30 years ago?” asked Ibraheem “Ibs” Mahmood, DrugDev President and CEO. “Ours is the only industry where advances in technology have been met with a marked decline in efficiency. People are jaded by a history of disparate systems because vendors have collectively failed to create a beautiful technology experience – one that brings sites and study teams together, operates on established data standards, and is developed with the user in mind. Technology like this has the ability to change the economics of clinical research, finally making it viable for companies to test many promising drug candidates that were previously stuck on the shelf. With DrugDev Spark, we are delivering on our promise of a unified suite that enables the industry to do more trials, bring new treatments to market, and improve the lives of millions of patients and families worldwide. I can’t wait to see what our customers can accomplish using DrugDev Spark.”

Get a demo of DrugDev Spark at SCOPE booth #400 or visit to learn why companies of all sizes trust DrugDev technology to transform their global clinical trials.


About DrugDev

DrugDev helps the world do more trials through industry-wide collaboration, standardization and a beautiful technology experience. The company provides DrugDev Spark™, the industry’s first unified clinical operations suite, which is comprised of proven solutions used by 85 sponsors and CROs on over 1,800 clinical trials over the past 12 years. Featuring solutions for planning, startup and trial conduct (including site selection and activation, site payments, learning management, document exchange, site engagement and eConsent), DrugDev helps companies transform the quality and efficiency of clinical trials from startup through closeout. DrugDev Spark reduces the number of systems needed to run a trial, and is powered by the universal identifier for global site facilities and staff known as the DrugDev Golden Number – the same data standard used by TransCelerate and the Investigator Databank. Learn why innovative companies of all sizes – including 9 of the top 10 sponsors and 4 of the top 5 CROs – trust DrugDev technology by scheduling a demo of DrugDev Spark at