Learning Management

Multimedia Site Education and Centralized Tracking

As an industry, clinical trials are becoming more complex and more global in nature. This makes it challenging for sponsors and CROs to ensure that all sites in the trial have completed the required training modules (including new staff who join the trial mid-stream). DrugDev Spark™ features a centralized Learning Management System for multimedia education, compliance reporting, interactive understanding assessments, completion certificates and expiration tracking.

Making Training Easy for Sites

Keep your sites current with required trainings on a centralized on-demand platform that works to their schedules (and on their devices), whether they are taking new or refresher courses. Featuring a tiered role-based curriculum, video and audio modules, case scenarios, interactive assessments, due date reminders, saved progress to account for interruptions, and integrated support documents and guides, DrugDev makes it easy for sites to comply with training requirements so they can spend more time with patients. 



Making Training Easy for Sites

Our platform ensures study teams are able to maximize compliance with features including…

  • Real-time completion dashboard reports for targeted follow-up
  • Bulk module management with dynamic lists (e.g. study coordinators in Poland)
  • Drill-down detail of site assessment answers to identify areas for additional education
  • Automatic completion certificates for online modules and live IM sessions
  • Metrics to help assess sites for risk-based monitoring strategies

DrugDev’s Learning Management Systems provides reports and metrics to enable your study team to focus its time and attention on the appropriate sites, ensuring global investigators and staff understand trial protocols and procedures so you can run an effective trial.