The Definitive eConsent Solution

In 2016, DrugDev acquired SecureConsent, which has been pioneering electronic systems for informed consent for global studies since 2005. Available on virtually any device, the solution makes the consenting process more efficient and effective for patients sponsors, sites and monitors.


Originally founded as a learning management system, it combines a strong emphasis on education with the world-class SaaS technology of DrugDev Spark™ to…

  • Ensure patient understanding with engaging multimedia education
  • Enable real-time remote monitoring and tracking into the global consent process
  • Provide unprecedented insight into how patients read and understand documents
  • Improve patient retention through increased comprehension and satisfaction
  • Comply with global requirements (e.g. 21 CFR-Part 11, Annex 11, EU regulations)
  • Eliminate common paper errors (e.g. wrong versions, bad signatures) with secure document management

Elegantly designed to focus attention with documents that are easy for all patients to read, the fully-validated eConsent solution uses explanatory videos, audio narration and glossary terms to put “informed” back into informed patient consent.


Interview with DrugDev President, Patient Solutions