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At DrugDev, our goal is to do more trials. Founded as a network of investigators, our job is to match sponsors and CROs with qualified investigators and sites around the globe. By joining the DrugDev network and creating an online profile, you and your site will be visible to pharmaceutical companies and CROs responsible for over 1/3 of global industry-sponsored clinical trials.

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Creating a profile with DrugDev only takes five minutes and allows sponsors and CROs to immediately begin viewing your profile. Once registered, you’ll have…

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  • The ability to manage your own information, letting you choose what sponsors and CROs can see
  • The ability to share your study experience and details about your training once, eliminating redundant work

It takes only takes 5 minutes!

Creating a profile is easy and quick, and is completely free for both investigators and sites.

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Clinical Studies History

View your studies conducted for participating pharmaceutical companies, add other studies to the list, and export this history for your reference and for easy sharing to demonstrate your experience.

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