April 13, 2016

Clinical Trial Sponsors and CROs Standardize on the DrugDev Golden Number as the Universal Identifier for Global Investigators and Sites

DrugDev and Pfizer to present webinar detailing how Golden Number technology powers the TransCelerate Investigator Registry and the Investigator Databank

King of Prussia, PA – April 13, 2016 – Selecting the right investigators and sites to run a clinical trial has a direct impact on patient enrollment and retention, data integrity, study timelines and cost – and an effective site selection process begins with an accurate understanding of site and investigator data. DrugDev technology makes it easy for sponsors and CROs to make more evidence-based planning and site selection decisions by integrating information across an expanding set of internal and external sources.

DrugDev and Pfizer will host a webinar on April 14, 2016 at 12pm ET to describe how the Golden Number is transforming clinical trials. Click here to register or visit the DrugDev Knowledge Center after the session to view a recording of the live session once available.

The cloud-based platform matches and masters enormous volumes of data from numerous disparate sources – including internal records, the DrugDev Network, external partner databases, public data, and third-party lists – to generate a single and unified source of the truth with robust experience, performance and contact information. To enable integration, all data are matched to a universal identifier called the DrugDev Golden Number to uniquely identify investigators and sites across sources.

The Golden Number, currently being used by 8 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies and several leading CROs, is the technology which powers the TransCelerate Investigator Registry and the Investigator Databank. Such wide-spread and growing adoption of this universal identifier drives standardization and promotes collaboration across clinical systems and throughout the industry.

This technology enables customers to improve investigator identification, strengthen site relationships, and take better advantage of collaboration opportunities with other sponsors already integrating the Golden Number into their clinical systems. Click here to learn more.

“DrugDev is not merely helping sponsors incrementally improve clinical trials – we are redefining the very fundamentals on which they are run,” said Ibs Mahmood, DrugDev President and CEO. “The only way I know to truly change efficiencies is to establish industry-wide data standards that simplify internal processes and encourage collaboration between sponsors, CROs, sites and vendors of all sizes. The DrugDev Golden Number is one concrete example of beautiful technology that accomplishes precisely what it’s meant to – it eliminates confusion and redundancy, and gives drug development experts the tools they need to run smart, efficient trials.”

Benefits for sponsors and CROs adopting the Golden Number include…

  • Operational efficiencies – Make better decisions based on integration of all available site and study data, with more accurate contact information and auto-population of documents (e.g. surveys, CTAs)
  • Data mastering efforts – Create a single source of the truth with de-duplicated and cleaner records, and CTMS/data integration in the case of M&A or legacy systems
  • Collaboration – Enable data sharing between sponsors (e.g. TransCelerate, Investigator Databank), between sponsors and CROs (e.g. integration of site target and do not contact lists), and between industry and sites via profiles (e.g. researchers provide information once, for use by many)
  • Integrated reporting – Track cross-vendor activity and metrics, generate a consolidated view of current and historical study activity with investigators and sites, and manage financial/aggregate spend data for investigators and sites (e.g. to comply with the Sunshine Act)

“It’s thrilling to see how excited our customers are about using the DrugDev Golden number to transform the way they perform master data management,” said Elisa Cascade, President of Data Solutions at DrugDev. “Sponsors tell us they expect the Golden Number to help them reduce the number of non-performing sites, decrease the need for rescue sites, reduce IT time and cost spent on data mastering, and improve site engagement – which in turn can streamline timelines and increase performance throughout the study. We are working with TransCelerate and Investigator Databank members, our partners, and direct sponsor and CRO clients every day to continue to refine the technology and the value it provides. The Golden Number is a significant milestone achievement that is bringing the entire industry together, and we are proud to be a small but significant part of this revolution in clinical trial transformation.”

About DrugDev

DrugDev’s unified clinical suite enables sponsors, CROs and sites to do more trials through industry-wide collaboration, standardization and a beautiful technology experience. Featuring solutions for global site payments, site identification and activation, workflow optimization, learning management, and site and patient engagement, DrugDev helps companies transform the quality and efficiency of clinical trials from startup through closeout. The company also powers the revolutionary TransCelerate Investigator Registry and Investigator Databank collaborations with the universal identifier known as the DrugDev Golden Number. Learn why 9 of the top 10 sponsors and 4 of the top 5 CROs trust DrugDev technology at