Patient Engagement and Communication Tool

All your patients’ study information, documents, results, messages, reminders and reimbursements in one place.

DrugDev’s Patient Engagement and Communication tool is a cloud-based file sharing and storage solution for study participants, allowing sites and sponsors to distribute documents, multimedia, results, appointments, SMS messages and reimbursements securely to their patients via mobile and internet technology.

The solution makes it easy for sites and study teams to focus on creating engaging, relevant content for participants – such as newsletters, videos, SMS messages, and personalized results – without the overhead of creating and validating a custom “patient portal” for each trial (and training sites to use these custom systems).

Using cutting-edge API technology, it also helps bring together third-party systems such as eConsent, scheduling systems, ePRO and stipend reimbursement to create a single, integrated experience for patients.

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