Site Selection

Find Investigators Who Want to Work with You

Site selection is a critical success factor that cannot be left to chance. Too often, study teams are limited to the pool of investigators with whom they are already familiar (sometimes even without access to sites other internal teams have used) or must rely on their CRO’s experience. To expand this pool, we offer a toolset to support enrolment planning, country selection and site identification.  The DrugDev DataQuerySystem (DQS) can also be used to facilitate data sharing between pharma companies, and between pharma companies and CROs.

Go Global with the DrugDev Investigator Network

DrugDev helps sponsors and CROs solve this challenge by providing direct access to our proprietary network of more than 75,000 self-selected investigators (each with their own Golden Number) in 125 countries who are actively seeking new trial opportunities. Powerful targeting tools narrow your search to appropriate candidates and integrated feasibility solutions help you determine which sites have the experience and capabilities to make them an ideal fit. 


In addition to technology, our dedicated international team builds and maintains strong relationships with the investigators in our network to help you locate sites with very specific expertise, connect with research naive investigators with abundant patient pools, and react to rapidly changing geopolitical challenges.

Our flexible model allows you to use the SaaS technology yourself, outsource to our experienced team, or a combination of the two approaches that works best for you. Whether you are in the early planning stages for your next trial or are in urgent need of rescue sites, DrugDev will help you find the best sites in the world.

Who Will You Meet in the DrugDev Investigator Network?