Site Engagement

Keep Your Trial Top of Mind at Global Sites

Your sites are highly engaged for three days after your IM – but how engaged will they be three weeks, three months or even three years later? The days of using quarterly printed newsletters to communicate with sites around the world are thankfully behind us, having given way to email and eventually site portals. Since then, site engagement technology has continued to evolve with innovative online communities that keep sites active and engaged from startup through closeout.

Over the past decade, Site Engagement on the DrugDev Spark™ platform has been used by tens of thousands of global investigators and study coordinators, and continues to transform how sponsors and CROs collaborate with sites. The centralized platform serves as a home base for their trial, featuring news, site-specific metrics, links to other clinical systems, and community-building metrics to motivate them, challenge them, and create a shared sense of ownership in the success of your trial. 

Relevant, Timely and Useful News

newsSite are busy, and don’t have time to read trial news that is out of date or irrelevant. We understand this because our site engagement team is comprised primarily of former site staff who work with sponsors and CROs to manage the community and develop content that keeps sites engaged – such as inspirational videos with medical leadership, protocol reminders and poignant patient stories.

We’ve also reduced the burden on sites by enabling instant and secure single sign-on to the network directly from their email system of choice. In addition, DrugDev technology makes it easy for study teams to report on usage to see which staff are the most (and least) engaged, automatically tailor pre-configured templates for each site, and create compelling content with beautiful visuals that sites want to read.

leaderboardLeaderboards for Friendly Competition

Friendly rankings and site-specific metrics can have a tremendous impact on site engagement and motivation. Our system features leaderboards for critical activities (e.g. patient enrollment, data query resolutions) that show sites how their performance compares to other sites in their country and across the trial. Leaderboard updates always have among the highest open rates of all the messages we send, especially with Principal Investigators, who are determined to see their site climb the ranks. 

Reward and Recognition Badges

Like most people, site staff respond positively when recognized for their strong performance. Because we can’t incent them financially, we instead award Badges that affix to their trial community profiles – such as completing activation, randomizing 5 patients, etc. Study coordinators appreciate being recognized for the hard work they do for your trial, and we have often seen badges printed out and proudly displayed at the site. Badges can even be tied to time-based challenges (e.g. enrollment) where points are awarded for each badge earned, and a donation is made in the winning site’s name to a relevant patient group or charity.