Site Engagement

Keep Your Trial Top of Mind at Global Sites

Sponsors who’ve used it know that site engagement is one of the best ways to motivate and encourage sites to hit trial specific goals. Sites trust DrugDev’s site engagement technology as a single-source of trial information, because of its ability to…

  1. Provide continual and relevant study information
  2. Create a community for trial sites and sponsors
  3. Answer questions quickly and easily
  4. Simplify the everyday work of sites
  5. Drive engagement through competitive badging

From day one to 1,000, DrugDev’s site engagement offers sponsors the ability to provide continual and relevant study information through…


  • A thorough “frequently asked questions” (FAQ) section that’s up and running before enrolment
  • Targeted emails for study team members based on role, name, or other criteria
  • Bulk messaging
  • Home screen messages and announcements

DrugDev allows sponsors and CROs to create a community by showing sites how they’re doing compared to their peers.


This is accomplished using…

  • Leaderboards for critical goals (e.g. FPI enrollment, retention,query resolution)
  • Providing sites with relevant updates on the progress of the trial,
  • Awarding achievement badges to the entire network, and
  • Taking the time to highlight best practices and stories that comes from sites themselves.


DrugDev allows sponsors to answer questions quickly and easily by…

  • Providing detailed FAQs that can be updated quickly and easily
  • Allowing sites to submit questions to sponsors directly through the tool
  • Alerting sites to new information through the portal homepage or email blasts

Site engagement allows sponsors to alleviate the burden of sites worldwide through tools such as…

  • Visit Guides:
    • Visit guides not only take away the hassle of scheduling visits, but also display the objectives and goals for each visit, allowing sites to follow along with study specific protocol at the time of each patient visit.
  • FAQs:
    • FAQs provide clarifications and answers to tough or common questions.
  • Document Library:
    • A searchable document library that sites can trust to find the exact document they need, at the time they need it.
  • Directories:
    • A searchable, sortable, easy-to-use directory mount to keep sites happy, data clean, and reducing protocol deviations.