Site Activation

Activate Sites 25%-50% Faster

Sites consistently report that CTA negotiation and reg doc collection are significant barriers to clinical trial participation. A prolonged activation process leads to frustration and dissatisfaction before the trial begins, while milestones such as drug shipments, IRB approval and randomization can’t start until it is complete. DrugDev technology makes it easier than ever to complete contracts, finalize budgets and collect regulatory documents – with customers reducing site activation timelines by as much as 25%-50%

Contract and Budget Negotiations

Our Site Activation module reduces burden by guiding site staff simply through the “to do” checklist using visual action flags with due dates and reminders, pre-populated documents, and a helpful contact directory. Meanwhile, sponsors and CROs benefit from historical approved CTA and budget terms, a robust projection engine, dynamically calculated timelines and visual real-time dashboards. As a result, DrugDev streamlines timelines, improves investigator satisfaction – freeing your team to focus on more strategic priorities and enabling sites to start recruiting patients as quickly as possible. Whether you use DrugDev SaaS technology or outsource to our experienced team, our Site Activation solution ensures you remain in control of a faster CTA and budget negotiation lifecycle from draft through execution.



Essential Regulatory Document Collection

DrugDev Spark™ is a centralized, secure location for generating, exchanging and tracking essential regulatory documents that goes far beyond basic file sharing websites. Features include dynamic checklists, user management, distribution lists, and a comprehensive audit trail provides date/time stamps and complete version history for every document. Real-time reports produce detailed charts and identify performance trends in a few minutes and you always have the option of exporting data to Excel for further detailed analysis. Configurable workflows, robust projection capabilities, real-time dashboards, and comprehensive reporting make our technology an ideal Site Activation solution – while reducing the time to activate global sites from several months to just a few weeks.