Site Activation

Activate Sites 25%-50% Faster

DrugDev’s site activation technology allows sponsors to activate sites 25-50% faster through a reduction in cycle times, increased transparency, collaborative processes, and more. The technology works by guiding staff through a “to do” checklist with…

  • Visual action flags,
  • Due dates and reminders,
  • Pre-populated documents,
  • A helpful contact directory, and
  • Clear status updates and emails.

This process makes it simple for sites to move forward at a quick pace while sponsors and CROs benefit from…

  • Faster timelines,
  • Historically approved CTA and budget terms,
  • A robust projection engine,
  • Dynamically calculated timelines, and
  • Real-time dashboards


Have it Your Way

DrugDev offers our site activation technology any way you need it…

SaaS Technology
Site-facing workflow tools and secure document exchange for your internal team to improve efficiency, transparency, site satisfaction and timelines.

Dedicated experts manage the complete site activation process on your behalf.

Hybrid Model
In-sourced technology with

“Using DrugDev Spark, I was done with the contracting process in 24 hours. It took four weeks for a similar trial with a different organization! It was striking how easy it was to go through the entire process. When I had questions, they instantly responded. When I used their technology, it was intuitive. When I looked at the budget and contract, they were well structured. DrugDev Spark works, and it gets better and better each time I use it.” – Nancy Baker, Site Manager, Clinical Research Consulting.