Safety Notifications

A Better Way to Communicate with Sites Worldwide

DrugDev’s safety letters technology eliminates the challenges of managing notifications for a single study or across an entire trial portfolio by…

  • Streamlining the distribution process with sites and ethics boards
  • Tracking all activity history in a comprehensive audit trail
  • Managing global intricacies
  • Automatically calculating due dates based on configurable workflow rules
  • Enabling full-text searches for investigators seeking information that may inform patient care
  • Ensuring sites download letters before allowing acknowledgements
  • Creating a tracking process to ensure compliance
  • Integrating with existing systems

Identify, Disseminate, Track and Report

DrugDev’s safety letters solution makes it easy to find the sites you need to notify by allowing users to search by identifying ingredients, disease state, status, or keywords.

Quickly upload your safety letters as PDFs. From there select the notification type, select the send date, and add any comments before sending out to all of your sites worldwide at one time.

DrugDev’s dashboard allows you to easily identify which sites have acknowledged the letter. Sites receive automatic notification each time a new safety letter is received and periodically remind them to understand and acknowledge each letter. Sponsors receive out-of-the-box reports that give immediate visibility.