Keep Sites Happy with Timely Payments


Let’s face it – Sites become frustrated when a sponsor pays them infrequently, inadequately, and without remittance or details. And, when it becomes a regular occurrence, they’re less likely to work with that sponsor again.


Unrivaled Global Expertise

drugdev-payments-global-experienceDrugDev’s payments technology solves challenges for sponsors and CROs in order to ensure sites remain happy and focused on clinical trial activities. With over 12 years’ experience in global payments and $2 billion on-time payments across 60 countries, we have unrivaled efficiency and expertise to ensure you get payments right for your sites.

Our payments technology is the only solution that offers…

  • A centralized dashboard for all site payment activities
  • Ability for sites to submit invoices and track payment progress and history
  • Aggregate spend reporting and compliance
  • Full transparency and detailed reporting for study teams
  • Third-party system integrations
  • Global VAT optimization
  • Flexible financing options including just-in-time funding and forecasting
  • Payment totals by study, investigator, etc.
  • Customizable payments workflows and approvals.
  • Invoice approvals/rejections
  • ProForma invoicing
  • Integration with DrugDev Spark solutions

Move freely between any model as your business needs evolve:

Outsourced Payments

Site payments are no easy task. Sponsors must accurately pay sites on time while providing payment explanations and history, and managing country specific regulations. DrugDev can tackle this for sponsors who wish to focus on other aspects of their trial. Our team of payments experts has over 12 years of experience and understands the best way to manage site payments to keep your sites happy.

Hybrid Software and Outsource Model

The system’s flexibility enables DrugDev to work the way you do – providing sponsors the ability to pick and choose what they want to handle, while we offer to cover the rest.

VAT Optimisation

With 12 years’ experience, clients benefit from DrugDev’s global expertise in managing the impact of local value-added taxes (VAT). DrugDev can improve the cost efficiencies of your global trials by leveraging local considerations and eliminating over-payments. With over 150 countries charging VAT this tax represents a huge cost to sponsors so managing it property can improve cash flow and the bottom line.

Just-in-Time Funding

Too often, sponsors are asked to provide huge (and unnecessary) lump sums up front to manage site payments throughout the trial. DrugDev’s flexible financing model enables clients to take advantage of just-in-time funding that maximises cash flow so you have more liquidity to invest your budget in other key aspects of your clinical trial program.

How Can We Help You?

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