Patient Engagement

Make it Easy for Patients to Participate in Your Trial

Patients are often referred to as heroes in our industry, and for good reason. They donate their time and put their trust in experimental treatments to improve their quality of life, with the hope of bringing new helpful drugs to other families around the world. Complex protocols, travel distance to the site, confusing consent terms, lack of lay summaries and many other factors can make participation challenging. It is our responsibility as an industry to make it as easy for these noble patients to participate in our trials.

A Place for Patients

Participating in clinical trials isn’t easy, so we put control in the hands of the patient. Using a secure app downloaded to virtually any smartphone (or computer), patients are able to access all trial information at any time. This is includes study details, protocol lay summaries, required documents, and site visit notes and reminders. They can even manage appointments directly from the app. Providing patients with one convenient place for everything related to the trial using their personal mobile device makes their job a little easier so they can quickly get in, find the information they need, and move on with the rest of their day – thereby increasing engagement and improving the patient experience.


Mobile Tools to Bring Sites and Patients Together

The Patient Engagement app on DrugDev Spark™ can be used on any internet-enabled computer or mobile device to streamline communication, send reminders, and provide a secure and convenient home base for patients to access all their information about the trial. Available in multiple languages, it features an intuitive user interface that is simple for sites to learn and use.

The app allows sites to communicate directly with patients using a secure SMS system that complies with best privacy practices. Messages can be sent to one patient or many, either immediately or automatically scheduled at a specific time. Common messages include…

  • Scheduling invitations using a visual calendar 
  • Study document notifications
  • Visit reminders
  • Appointment notes
  • Lay summaries of results after the trial has ended

DrugDev brings sites and patients together to make trial participation just a little bit easier for everyone.