Enrollment Planning

An enrollment optimization solution, IQVIA StudyOptimizer, integrates industry leading predictive analytics that drive predictability in enrollment forecasting, providing real time insights into trial enrollment strategy and oversight:

  • What are industry benchmarks for start-up and enrollment on like studies? (IQVIA Enrollment Benchmarks)
  • What is the optimal country and site allocation to achieve my timelines?
  • What is the projected enrollment timeline of my various enrollment models?
  • According to my approved baseline plan, am I tracking to plan during start-up?
  • What is the current projected completion of my enrollment based on start-up and enrollment trends to date?

Organizations who leverage StudyOptimizer for Enrollment Optimization experience consistent predictability gains across their portfolios:

  • 100% increase in studies recruiting to plan
  • 30-40% reduction in average time to enroll patients
  • plan projection with 95% accuracy prior to study start