Consent Creation

IQVIA Clinical Document Architect

SaaS that makes patient consent easier, faster, and cheaper

IQVIA Clinical Document Architect is SaaS that gives study teams the tools, training and best practice resources they need to create, manage and automate consent solutions in-house. Marrying the proven benefits of eConsent with an interface as intuitive as Microsoft Word, IQVIA Clinical Document Architect streamlines the time and cost of development and implementation, enabling sponsors and CROs to bring the proven benefits of eConsent to millions more patients worldwide.

Key Features:

IQVIA Clinical Document Architect provides sponsors with all the benefits of electronic informed consent, plus…

  • Self-managed system allows clients to create new trials, add sites, produce consent documents, manage access controls, reporting, & more.
  • Comprehensive management and control of the complete ICF authoring, review and approval process.
  • Configurable role-based workflows, including due dates, checklists and audit trails.
  • Guided ICF creation using templates, Word documents, prior ICFs, or built from scratch.
  • Unlimited trials, add/remove sites, manage access controls, and more.
  • Flexible deployment onto any tablet or device at sites, including those already in use (e.g. ePRO/eCOA).
  • Output any consent form to paper.
  • A centralized authoring process that eliminates all issues with different form versions.
  • Intuitive structured form fields, progression checks, and wizard capabilities.
  • Document attributes are carried across global master, country-level, and site-specific ICFs.

Three Reasons to use eConsent SaaS:

Cost – SaaS allows companies to deploy eConsent the same way every-time, on as many studies as they need, reducing costs with in-house, on-demand materials.

Scalability – Sponsors can employ IQVIA Clinical Document Architect on as many studies as they need, with little to no increase in effort.

Control – Sponsors maintain complete control over the consent process with a controlled workflow and fully-automated system.