A Clear Path for an Expedited Timeline

Whether you use DrugDev SaaS technology or outsource to our experienced team, our Site Activation solution ensures you remain in control of a faster CTA and budget negotiation lifecycle from draft through execution. To make it simple, we guide sites through “to do” checklists using…

  • Visual action flags,
  • Due dates and reminders,
  • Pre-populated documents, and
  • A helpful contact directory

This process makes it simple for sites to move forward at a quick pace while sponsors and CROs benefit from…

  • Faster timelines,
  • Historically approved CTA and budget terms,
  • A robust projection engine,
  • Dynamically calculated timelines, and
  • Real-time dashboards

Planning Ahead
At DrugDev, it’s a best practice to ensure that budgeting and contracting terms are done in accordance with payment and data standards. This allows sites and sponsors to begin sharing data quicker, and paying sites faster, while avoiding any potential contracting issues.

Also. . .

IQVIA GrantPlan, the largest database of investigator grant benchmarks on the planet, is leveraged by budgeting teams to ensure accurate grant forecasts and enable negotiations within Fair Market Value (FMV).    Through use of IQVIA GrantPlan, budgeting teams can identify with confidence:

  • Is my proposed grant budget in line with similar trials?
  • How does complexity impact my budget assumptions?
  • What activities are covered by Standard of Care?
  • What is my negotiation history with a specific institution or site?
  • What is my overall investigator grant cost?

IQVIA GrantPlan’s e-negotiation capabilities allow for creation of a decision repository to track forecast, proposed and negotiated budgets.  GrantPlan’s built in API enables integration into payment solutions to drive an end to end grant budgeting lifecycle.

GrantPlan enables confidence in the grant budgeting and negotiation process:

  • Over 76% of global clinical trials are conducted by GrantPlan subscribers
  • Global coverage offering up-to-date benchmarks for over 100 countries
  • Budgets that represent Fair Market Value expedite speed to First Patient In (FPI)