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jeff kasherThe concept of the “Abstract Patient” has become too common in our industry, especially at conferences where we gather to discuss ideas and debate the best ways to support them. While we hold the patient in high regard, we fail to realize as a collective that patients are not an abstract third-party, but rather our parents, spouses, friends, children and selves. As an industry we are not yet patient centric in our planning and operations. Why not and how can we get there?

At SCOPE on Wednesday, February 24 at 5:20pm join moderator Jeffrey Kasher, Ph.D., President, Patients Can’t Wait (and Chair of the DrugDev Advisory Board) and Brett Kleger, CCO, DrugDev; Al Pacino, President, HealthCarePoint; and Abbe Steel, CEO, HealthiVibe, LLC  as they take us through their personal experiences with clinical trials and how it has impacted them both personally and professionally.