DrugDev’s 2016 annual Investigator Survey uncovered the number one reason that sites hadn’t used eConsent in their trial - they hadn’t been asked.

eConsent helps patients understand the trial, set appropriate expectations, and create a more trusting relationship with the site from the beginning – leading to great satisfaction, and ultimately retention. 

Since there can be no change without first adoption, DrugDev is presenting five reasons why sponsors should ask themselves and their CROs...

 “Why aren’t we using eConsent?”

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In 2015, Kenneth Fraizer, Chief Executive Officer of Merck & Co. (Merck) committed to creating a “sustainable process that ensures inclusion under represented diverse patient populations with regard to sex, age, race and ethnicity in its research and clinical trials in the U.S.”

In 2017, Merck strived to meet new diversity goals for their C-Edge clinical trials, using two new strategies. They were successful, with a 26% increase in minority enrollment.

What did they do? Download the case study to find out. 

Simplified technology to simplify lives

eConsent makes sites' lives easier by...

Keep Your Trial Top of Mind

Watch this webinar replay to learn how the use of technology helped increase Merck's site engagement and improve an inefficient and manual process through reliable real-time reporting and site communications.

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