Ibraheem (Ibs) Mahmood

Ibraheem Mahmood defined the DrugDev vision: to provide technologies and services to clinical trial doctors that allow the pharma industry to conduct trials faster, smarter and cheaper. His strategy to deliver this vision has been to build a world-class team backed by an outstanding investor base. Since joining in 2011, Ibraheem has overseen the growth of the company from just a handful of people to the 300 plus company it is today, as well as its strategic acquisition by IQVIA where he now leads the clinical technology division.


Ibraheem is an obsessive traveler, at one point spending three years on a career break photographing in 113 countries, including every country in Asia (apart from North Korea and Iraq). This global outlook is just as well as it pervades DrugDev from its multilingual core operations team in London, UK (who can connect with clinical trial doctors in most countries on Earth in their own language) to the global nature of virtually all DrugDev clients and their clinical trials.