Case Study: Infinity Improves Patient Enrollment Using DrugDev TrialNetworks

30-day Challenges Inspire Sites to Exceed Enrollment
Goals for Phase II Oncology Study


Infinity Pharmaceuticals, an innovative company dedicated to discovering, developing and delivering best-in-class medicines to people with difficult-to-treat diseases, experienced lagging enrollment on an international Phase II oncology study with a hard-to-recruit patient population. As the end-of-year holidays approached, Infinity feared that enrollment would suffer even further, incurring costly delays.


Infinity implemented the TrialNetworks platform as a novel strategy to positively impact patient recruitment through site engagement best practices. As part of the solution, the companies worked closely together to initiate a 30-day enrollment challenge across all sites in the program using complementary apps such as TrialNetworks News™, Leaderboard™ and Badging™.

enrollment leaderboard

At the beginning of the challenge, each site was assigned a quantifiable goal for screening and enrollment. The dedicated TrialNetworks Site Engagement team increased communication through the newsfeed, deployed daily Leaderboards to recognize sites progressing fastest to their goals, and awarded virtual Badges as sites achieved certain milestones (e.g. enrolling their first patient during the contest period).Badge notifications were shared to all sites via the global newsfeed, with the intent of incenting other sites to improve performance, earn Badges of their own, and climb the enrollment contest Leaderboard. These activities supplemented the document management, site training, and visit guides already implemented for the Infinity study.


The results of the 30-day challenge were obvious, immediate and persistent. Infinity enjoyed a tremendous boost in enrollment in December despite their initial concerns that recruiting would suffer due to the holidays. During the following six months, average enrollment remained significantly elevated as compared to the months that followed the initial recruitment period. When enrollment began to dip again in August 2012 as the trial neared its close, Infinity and TrialNetworks decided to repeat the 30-day contest, which once again spiked to generate impressive results.

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“Infinity is very pleased to have a technology that is user friendly and quickly adopted by sites, and which allows our study team members to develop and quickly implement engagement tactics. In addition, we appreciate the flexibility and excellent support provided by the TrialNetworks team.”

– John Keilty, Vice President of Informatics, Infinity Pharmaceuticals

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