Sales Support Lead

Wayne, PA or London UK

Job Summary

The Sales Support Lead is responsible for managing, optimizing, and maintaining the proposal process for all CRO-Pull-through opportunities received by DrugDev.  The Sales Support Lead will define how DrugDev works with and responds to CRO-Pull through opportunities, by developing and managing the end-to-end process for all pricing requests, preparing customized proposal text and managing and tracking RFI and RFPs received. The role will communicate with DrugDev business leaders and CRO proposal developers to ensure proposal questions are resolved and responded to in a timely manner.

Summary of Essential Job Functions

  • Responsible for prioritization and review of pricing requests to meet agreed timelines, gathering any additional required information, and managing scope changes and pricing versions.
  • Create and modify pricing templates
  • Create training for all stakeholders around pricing, proposals and win:loss process
  • Analyze and track Key Performance Indicators to ensure DrugDev services are included in all relevant Full Service Proposals
  • Obtain and track all appropriate and required internal reviews and approvals for pricing and discounts, including DrugDev Business Leads
  • Ensure accuracy of pricing and terms within appropriate documents and timely submission of documents
  • Ensure timely and accurate notification to other stakeholders around win:loss of proposals
  • Maintains summary of all submitted items in terms of services, final prices, agreed discounts, dates and outcomes
  • Initiate operational reviews to increase and optimize process efficiency
  • Define and prepare executive reporting on operational metrics
  • Respond to various stakeholder questions, inquiries, requests for clarification about DrugDev and pricing
  • Drafts information for customer proposals, including newly created or newly packaged solutions
  • Perform periodic risk assessments of the proposal delivery process and provide recommendations for any available mitigation measures

Supervisory Responsibilities

Indirect supervision with potential growth into direct management over time.

Skill Requirements

  • Experience working with and organizing data
  • Excellent Microsoft Office skills – in particular MS Excel
  • Experience of working with Customer Relationship Management tools is desirable
  • Exceptional organizational skills
  • Ability to convey sense of urgency
  • Strong communication skills and ability to communicate complicated information in a concise fashion.
  • Adaptable with the ability to change focus and take on new tasks as priorities evolve
  • Ability to work with cross functional teams

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Location: London UK (Hammersmith), Wayne PA