DrugDev TrialNetworks

Operations Optimized

The innovative TrialNetworks study platform by DrugDev features a suite of trial management apps and site-facing tools to optimize clinical operations from startup through closeout. Featuring an intuitive interface, data integrations with third-party systems (e.g. EDC, IXRS, CTMS), and robust reporting, the platform connects sponsors, CROs and site staff to improve workflow efficiency, site engagement, training and automated tracking of critical processes.

Workflow Optimization

Workflow and Process Optimization

Running a clinical trial has become increasingly complex and costly in large part due to the manual and redundant processes involved. Our technology replaces inefficient Excel, email and paper-based processes with automated trackers and collaborative apps that bring trial stakeholders together.

  • Charting – Understand trial progress, site performance and potential gaps on a global basis by generating actionable visual reports (e.g. actual vs. planned enrollment over time) by region, country and site.
  • Checklist - Provide sites with a dynamic, collaborative and transparent task list to speed the activation process
  • Document Library – Manage and share study documents in a secure and centralized environment with Google-like searching and seamless integration into other platform apps (e.g. Checklist, Training) to maximize value by providing relevant information to site staff the moment they need it.
  • Directory – Improve collaboration by bringing the extended study team together by driving virtual connections between remote teams, while enabling sites to self-request vendor system accounts and deactivations.
  • Survey – Streamline feasibility and solicit site feedback throughout the trial with user-friendly surveys that guarantee logical, legible and complete responses.

Site Engagement

Site Engagement

Keeping your trial top of mind with global sites and motivating them to spend time on your clinical activities directly impacts activation timelines, training compliance, patient enrollment, patient retention, protocol deviations and data query resolution – leading to faster, more efficient and higher quality trials.

  • News and Email – Keep your study top of mind at global sites with a consistent and convenient communications program that sends and stores valuable updates and engaging multimedia content (e.g. video interviews with medical leaders, high performing site profiles) with open rate tracking.
  • Leaderboard – Encourage friendly competition and inspire productive challenges by ranking sites on key metrics (such as patients enrolled or open queries) in relation to peers in their country or region.
  • Badging – Recognize sites and individual staff for achieving milestone accomplishments with profile badges that provide positive reinforcement in front of the trial community and motivate others to achieve more badges of their own.

Learning Management

Learning Management

Ensuring the sites running your clinical trials complete required trainings and comply with processes is a significant challenge. Our platform includes an integrated and 21 CFR 11 compliant learning management system and patient visit support tools to ensure sites are current with training and understand how to conduct your trial.

  • Training – Ensure site staff understand trial processes with a digital learning management solution that features multimedia content, role-based curriculum, interactive assessments, integrated support resources, comprehensive reporting and automatic training module completion certificates.
  • Visit Guide – Make life easy for sites with a visual reference to the protocol that guides staff through each patient visit and includes helpful calculators for visit date scheduling, drug compliance, dosage unit conversions and more.
  • Search and FAQ –  Help sites find the information they need quickly with FAQs, deep links to specific protocol sections, and a Google-like content searches across the entire platform.