Keep Your Study Top of Mind at Global Sites

Are you still relying on your quarterly newsletter to provide critical trial information to your study sites? Do you remember the old adage “out of sight, out of mind?”

The News app replaces newsletters, memos, and traditional bulk emailing with a simple, modern, multimedia, blog-style solution that keeps sites engaged, with your trial top of mind. News includes a wide range of information that sponsors need to convey to sites: memos, information about upcoming meetings, motivational content, notes from medical leadership, and deadline reminders.

Besides being a convenient, searchable and centralized place for sites to access information from the sponsor, the News app also allows for creation of an audit trail for trial operations: documenting which sites and users have accessed the information provided, via click and email tracking. Analytics on News posts help clinical operations better understand what type of post/update is most useful. An immediate notification feature for distributing news posts over email is available as well.

Embedding videos and images increases the visibility and clarity of the posts. Educational updates related to trial conduct and study procedures serve the dual purpose of reinforcing site training and keeping the trial top of mind. News posts can be linked to the Training app for formal training; video and audio can be used both in the News and Training apps to provide clear explanations.

News posts are easily searchable using full text searching capabilities, making it easy for study staff and CRAs to locate important information.

Not sure how to get started with updating and posting? Site Engagement Services can help you get started or provide full news posting services for your trial.


  • Keeps trial top-of-mind
  • Efficiently notify sites of updates using flexible notification settings
  • Blog-style format is familiar
  • Customizable to region or country
  • Searchable
  • Tagging organizes content
  • Tracking and analytics identify useful content and disengaged sites
  • Easy for site operations to use
  • More efficient than creating traditional newsletters
  • Administrators can post on behalf of senior leadership
  • Post images and video
  • Resource for new sites, new site staff and new CRAs

Screen Shots

news release
The platform serves as a communication hub accessed by sites every day for critical study updates, notifications and motivational messages. DrugDev supports engaging multimedia content such as images, audio and video