Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies of all sizes – including AstraZeneca, Merck and Biogen Idec – leverage DrugDev technology solutions to improve efficiency of clinical trials from study planning through closeout. DrugDev helps sponsors identify and startup investigators, make accurate and timely payments to global sites, optimize your clinical operations with a collaborative study platform, a create a master index of your investigator communities. DrugDev SiteStart solutions will help you meet milestones and increase ROI.

Select Ideal Global Investigators

At our core, DrugDev is committed to helping investigators do more trials. We provide sponsors with access to the industry’s largest global network of investigators actively seeking new trial opportunities. With more than 80,000 investigators across 115 countries, the DrugDev Network and our expert Site Identification team will ensure you identify and select the right investigators for your trial.

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Ensure a Smooth Startup Process

A recent DrugDev survey of investigators across the globe showed that an overwhelming majority of sites want to do more trials, but as many as 46% cited completing contracts and collecting essential regulatory documents as a major obstacle to participation. DrugDev SiteStart streamlines startup timelines while enabling investigators to focus on what’s important – recruiting and enrolling patients for your trial. By maximizing the number of activated sites and simplifying the collection of essential regdocs, DrugDev will help you achieve your milestones faster.

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Pay Sites Accurately and On Time

With more than $1 billion paid to sites worldwide, DrugDev Payments (formerly CFS Clinical) is by far the industry’s leading and most trusted standalone investigator payment solution – featuring a portfolio of technology and services for timely and accurate global payments, comprehensive reports for Sunshine Act compliance, and tax strategies optimized by country. DrugDev Payments enables sponsors and CROs to strengthen investigator relationships, minimize risk and gain financial control – while reducing administrative burden on your team and allowing them to focus on more strategic priorities.

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Optimize Clinical Operations

DrugDev TrialNetworks is an award-winning study platform with a suite of trial management apps and site-facing tools to optimize clinical operations from startup through closeout. The platform connects sponsors, CROs and site staff to improve key aspects of a trial including feasibility and activation, site engagement, training, document management and patient visits – contributing to improved enrollment, simplified monitoring and shortened timelines. In addition, automated trackers replace manual, redundant and unreliable processes for critical activities such as patient retention, safety events and data query resolution. Featuring an intuitive interface with unified login credentials, data integrations with third-party systems (e.g. EDC, IXRS, CTMS) and robust dashboard reporting, DrugDev provides the disruptive technology you need to transform the efficiency and quality of clinical operations worldwide.

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Understand Your Investigators and Sites

Most study sponsors maintain access to multiple sources of investigator data, such as the DrugDev Network, internal databases, CRO or partner resources, and third-party lists which aggregate publicly available information – each using their own proprietary naming conventions and data standards. Trying to combine these disparate sources to gain actionable insights is an overwhelming challenge, from matching sites to removing duplicates and cleaning missing, incomplete or contradictory data.

The SiteCloud platform by DrugDev Data Solutions addresses these issues by pooling your available data in a secure cloud-based system featuring the DrugDev Number, a universal unique identifier powering the collaborative TransCelerate Investigator Registry and the Investigator Databank. By cleansing and reconciling your data, SiteCloud will provide you with a centralized master record of the investigators and sites you need so you can assess feasibility and make informed site selections decisions faster than ever before.

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